Balaton Limnological Research Institute

Vasas GáborDear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of HUN-REN Balaton Limnological Research Institute (BLRI).

Situated in Tihany, the BLRI holds the distinction of being Hungary’s oldest biological research institution, serving as a hub of scientific knowledge with a special focus on preserving and safeguarding the Lake Balaton ecosystem for nearly a century. Our primary objective is to conduct environmental research in surface freshwaters, with a particular emphasis on studying the flora and fauna of Lake Balaton and its surrounding watershed. We analyse spatial and temporal variations in freshwater communities, nutrient dynamics, and the local and global environmental factors influencing ecosystem changes. Nestled along the shores of Lake Balaton, the BLRI boasts state-of-the-art field and laboratory infrastructure, as well as extensive species collections, making it a unique regional research institution in the field of limnology and aquatic sciences.

At the BLRI, we undertake both basic and applied research to support biodiversity conservation and freshwater resource management, aligning with relevant international directives and regulations. Collaborating actively with local and international partners in the scientific and business communities, we aim to forge further partnerships. Additionally, we are committed to engaging with higher education, striving to educate and inform younger generations about our scientific activity and current environmental challenges. Our goal is to enhance the assessment, protection, and management of freshwater habitats, thereby contributing to sustainability objectives in the Carpathian Basin.

We endeavour to ensure that our observations, research findings, and recommendations are valuable and accessible to the public. To this end, we actively collaborate with business partners, educational institutions, civil organizations, authorities, and decision-makers.


Prof. Dr. Gábor Vasas, DSc.

Interim Director of BLRI


+36 87 448-244 /104
8237 Tihany, Klebelsberg Kuno utca 3.